Purchase Plans

How it works:  You can gain access to my mentor room at any time by clicking THIS INVITE. Once you land to the Discord room, you will notice the access is limited. Ivan will personally contact you. There are 2 options.

You can gain access to the room for a 2-week trial with limited access. Simply request the trial. At any point in these 2 weeks, you can sign up as an official member to get all the perks, including access to the course lessons. 

Once you decide to sign up, the process carries a one-off fee of USD 299. This fee grants you access to the course (30+ lessons), gets you properly setup with all the indicators/templates + mentor room access for 30 days. 

Right after the 30 days since sign up, a monthly charge of USD 50 applies. 

Within hours from completing the sign up, Ivan will grant course and room access to your email. 

$299 one-off access

  • Access to all course material via Google drive
  • Properly setup with all the indicators/templates
  • 30-day Mentor room access included
  • Exclusive access to trade setups channel
  • Establish direct feedback with the coach
  • Access exclusive webinars with the coach
  • Highly structured training
  • Build trading skills for life
  • Join a tight-knit community
  • Feedback & setups via interactive videos
  • Trade setups channel
  • Choose style most suitable (intraday/swing)