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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses come free of charge! Yes, no catch! The only requisite to access the full content is to open up a LIVE account with Global Prime. We are committed to your success as a trader. Our mission is to flip a ‘broken’ industry on its head. Even if you cannot open a live account, we’ve got you covered with different plans.

The mentor room is the ‘real deal’ as it gives the student exclusive access to the coach. Among the perks included:

  • You can ask Ivan directly all types of questions to perfect your craft. In other words, you will have immediate access to Ivan’s feedback about the right application of the strategies. All questions get answered within 24h.
  • Upon availability, live calls in trades unfolding based on the application of the strategies taught in the courses. Plus, Ivan will heavily concentrate in the review of recent trades, independent of the outcome.  
  • In either strategy, Ivan applies proprietary indicators and scripts that will be accessible as long as you remain a member of the Discord mentor room. These indicators are designed for both Tradingview and MT4.
  • Benefits of having a community where coders will keep upgrading scripts & indicators. You will be the first to be updated and enjoy the new upgrades when these get rolled out.
  • Ongoing training in topics the community chooses from. This training will be conducted via online private Zoom webinars (all recorded) to reinforce the teachings of the courses.

So I guess you can take the full course free of charge by just being a Global Prime live account holder and be a lone wolf or you can realise access to the room is an absolute steal for what you’ll get. I can guarantee that I will go above and beyond to contribute in my best capacity for Global Prime to be the broker with the highest % of profitable traders.

Yes. The different pricing plans have been laid out within the mentor room in the #choose-your-mentor section.

Everyone can enjoy a 2-week free trial of the private mentor room in Discord 
 *All ambassadors stay free of charge indefinitely as will coders/users willing to bring value.
You will need a live GP trading account to be a member, as GP will be taking the subscription fee* from your account. Even if you cannot open a live account, we’ve got you covered with different plans.

The 2-week trial period for new members once the service is on a subscription basis still stands regardless, so anyone can take advantage of it prior to making a decision. 

After the completion of the different courses, one can realistically trade either strategy profitably in 3 to 6 months. I urge you not to rush it and start slowly and only increase size as your results turn more positive. It’s a marathon not a race! 

I can tell you that with the right attitude and dedication you also can follow the steps of Terry (watch video), one of my first students, who’s been reaping the benefits right from the get go.  

Absolutely. That’s what our Discord room is all about. We keep it open, transparent, unfiltered. If you are interested in getting in touch with hundreds of other traders please click on this link and you will be redirected to our Discord room [do you know any other broker with an open chat? I don’t…]

The courses are designed to trade predominantly currencies with sufficient liquidity (mainly G8 FX). Besides, we are working on the expansion of the strategies into stock indices, commodities. If that’s not enough, a mechanism to hedge in order to potentially reduce some of the losses will soon be released as well. 

The application of the intraday strategies into a higher timeframes is possible and it depends on your preferred style. The logic that the courses follow are pretty straight forward. At the end of the day, all the concepts taught in these courses are easily transferable into a different combination of timeframes that suits your style. 

Absolutely! I talk in-depth for more than 1 hour about ‘Why So Many Traders Fail’ in the core lesson videos. This core lessons will constitute the building block that you want to always refer back to when being reminded of what it really takes to be a consistently profitable trader. And trust me, it’s not about the strategy alone, far from it!