All Trading Courses

If you are looking for a way to stay in sync with the constant and ever changing ebbs and flows in the marketplace, the following courses Ivan has put together may just be your ‘missing link’.

Trading Courses Benefits

  • The psychology of money flows and the right mindset in trading.
  • Trading models that work under specific trading environments.
  • The distinction between technicals and fundamentals.
  • Proper reading of market structures, liquidity pools and volatility studies.
  • Key metrics as technical aggregators that frame the contextual analysis.
  • The meticulous steps to follow in your decision-making process.
  • How to properly design a trading plan that becomes second nature.
  • The importance of trade and risk management when trading.
  • A set of unique currency index formulas to trade more intelligently.
  • All Ivan’s favorite patterns that act as trigger mechanisms to take trades.
  • And much more…

Join Ivan’s mentor room on Discord

This is without a doubt the ‘real deal’. Why? Because it offers the student exclusive access to Ivan.

Mentor Room Benefits:

  • Ask Ivan directly all types of questions to perfect your craft
  • Live calls in trades unfolding
  • Live streaming trading sessions via YouTube.
  • Access to proprietary indicators and scripts
  • A community where coders keep upgrading scripts & indicators.
  • Meet and interact with traders trading under the same strategies
Ivan goes above and beyond to contribute in turning Global Prime as the broker with the highest % of profitable traders. Not sure? Everyone can enjoy a 2-week free trial of the private mentor room in Discord.

What Our Students Have to Say

I can vouch for Ivan's course. The course is comprehensive and covers all aspects required to become a consistent, long term, profitable trader. I've been trading the full strategy for 2 months now and am very impressed with the results.
Terry P.
Perth, 2020
If you want a rules based system and a systematic approach to trading, where you know why you using an indicator and what problem it solves instead of slapping random things on your chart then this is it. I have seen many educational courses over the years but nothing comes close to structurally and easiness. Ivan's course lays a clear path and precise entries with great risk reward. Don't take my word for it you can see the trades he posts in his channel everyday. Do yourself a favour and enrol.
Sunny N.
Toronto, 2020