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[Open] Trading Trap Patterns & Order Flow Analysis

This open course contains 3 videos and is the perfect summary to get a 'Primer' of the incredible value that exists when signing up for the full course.

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[Closed] Trap Patterns & Order Flow Analysis

The rest of the lessons are found in this section. It is designed with the purpose of building upon the initial foundation. It only takes a live account to access.

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Ivan Delgado Egea — Course Coach

From understanding why traders fail, choosing the right technical tools to understand market contexts, all the way to the importance of risk management. It’s all covered in this course!

Ivan has been been trading the markets for more than a decade, mainly FX. He also contributes for Global Prime in providing Market Insights and he is on a mission to help thousands of traders who follow his teachings to become better traders and help them turn the corner into profitability.

The course is just the tip of the iceberg. Ivan has put together an integrated community, bound in camaraderie as part of a Discord room. Being a lone wolf is something from the past!

What Clients Have to Say

I can vouch for Ivan's course. The course is comprehensive and covers all aspects required to become a consistent, long term, profitable trader. I've been trading the full strategy for 2 months now and am very impressed with the results.
Terry P.
Perth, 2020
If you want a rules based system and a systematic approach to trading, where you know why you using an indicator and what problem it solves instead of slapping random things on your chart then this is it. I have seen many educational courses over the years but nothing comes close to structurally and easiness. Ivan's course lays a clear path and precise entries with great risk reward. Don't take my word for it you can see the trades he posts in his channel everyday. Do yourself a favour and enrol.
Sunny N.
Toronto, 2020